What to Ask a Potential Custom Home Builder

Deciding to build a custom home is a huge investment of your time and money. You want to make sure that you are turning to the best company. Look for a team that will give you peace of mind as well as results that exceed your expectations. Now, you might be asking yourself, how do I know what company is right for me?

Just like you won’t buy the first house you visit; don’t commit to the first builder company you find. Feel free to look around. Talking to at least 3-5 builders is the best way to start your house building process. Once you find those builders have your questions ready. They are there to help you and give you comfort on the biggest purchase of your life. Below are the top five questions you should ask every builder company you contact.

  1. How many years have you been building?
  2. How many homes do you build a year?
  3. How is the buyer involved in the process?
  4. Would you be able to work within my budget?
  5. Will you work with my lender?

In case you feel like adding on to your list, here are some more questions you should ask during the interviews.

  1. How long does the entire process take?
  2. Do you have a model I can walk through?
  3. During the process, how often should I expect updates from your company?
  4. Aside from the costs in the plan, what other costs should I be ready for that are not anticipated now?
  5. What sets you apart from other custom builders?

At Ryan Hartman, we want our current and future clients to feel comfortable talking to us. We understand that you have a lot of questions and concerns. Our team of experts is ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have before, during and after completing your project. Feel free to call and visit our website. We encourage you to do your research.

What to Ask a Potential Custom Home Builder - Ryan Hartman Homes

Ryan Hartman’s Is Named One of D Home’s 2017 Best Builders

Every year, D Home awards businesses in Dallas for their success in their field. This year, we have the honor to once again receive the D Home’s 2017 Best Builders Award. We want to thank the team at D Home, the city of Dallas, and most importantly our customers. At Ryan Hartman, we are always looking for the best ways to improve our city. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you with every detail of a custom home building process.

Purchasing and building a custom home is the biggest investments for most people. Our customers are our priority. We want everyone to be one hundred percent sure of their plans. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and guide you towards the best decision that benefits you.  In the article, our very own Dale Schneider told D Home, “At Ryan Hartman, we are defined by our commitment”. Jean L., one of our satisfied customers, backs this up with her review.


“Dale Schneider is the only person we wanted to build our home. He showed us the ‘muscles and bones’ of a house prior to bricking so we could see the extensive internal work he does. His attention to detail dovetailed exactly with our attention to detail. He stuck with us through thick and thin through endless emails and person to person meetings over two years. I was on site daily taking over 3000 photos of every detail. If anything was amiss or in question, Dale responded quickly and resolutions were achieved. Dale worked very hard to help us achieve the home we had designed and constructed the home we live in and love. And last, but not least, Dale is an honest and honorable person. As honest as you will ever meet!”


For over 44 years, we have made it our goal to commit to each project. From the first visit and first drawing to the last coat of paint on the wall, we are very proud and honored that our hard work and honesty is seen and appreciated by both D Home and our customers.

Best D Home 2017 - Ryan Hartman Homes - Dallas TX


Ryan Hartman’s Custom Homes Receive Rave Reviews for Custom Built Homes in Dallas

Rave Reviews for Ryan Hartman Custom Homes
Since 1973, it has been our goal to provide state-of-the-art custom built homes in the Dallas area. At Ryan Hartman, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle all the details: from lot selection and evaluation, to loan financing, plan design and construction. Our friendly and trained team is always ready to answer and walk you through every step of your custom home building process.

Aside from building the home of your dreams, our team has the experience to work with all types of budgets. Customer service and client’s satisfaction are among our top priorities. We want all our clients to be one hundred percent satisfied with our services. One of our most recent customers, Kevin C., and his wife shared their experience with our team.

“When my wife and I began the process of searching for a custom home builder, we contacted several local area builders. Of those I contacted, Dale came and met me at my lot that very day. While we discussed what I wanted, it was very apparent that Dale had extensive experience and knew how to build a luxury and energy efficient house. He also educated me in what sort of square footage, design features, etc. that I could expect within my specific budget. As we went through the design process, Dale patiently allowed me to bounce floor plan ideas off him, trade cost scenarios and even offered advice on my lot selection. At our preconstruction meeting, he and his team walked us through all the choices and decisions required to get our house built. They shared the experiences they’ve had with certain choices so that we could make informed decisions about the smallest detail. Further, they offered their honest opinions on design selections without being overbearing.”

While we understand that this is one of the biggest investments anyone might do in their life. Being vigilant about your custom home’s planning is part of a successful project and therefore creating a perfect outcome. We don’t leave room for error in the design or throughout the process. From the initial sketch, the “muscle and bones” to drywall and the final details, you are informed of every detail, our team doesn’t want you to get any surprises.

We know that you are looking around for the best service, and we don’t want you to feel pressure. Whether you are in Dallas or building from out of state, communication is the key to obtaining the home of your dreams. Last year, Danny S. worked with us all the way from New York City.

“The Ryan Hartman team was truly a pleasure to work with. They built us our dream home. At the time, we lived in NYC and was going through the process out of state. The communication and follow through was amazing. We made several changes but the team was only happy to help and give their candid feedback and advice. I highly recommend Ryan Hartman.”

At Ryan Hartman, you’ll receive superior energy features, uncompromising style, quality materials, top notch construction, and careful attention to detail. Best of all, you’ll get one of a kind customer service. Don’t take our word for it! To view these and other raving reviews from some of our clients visit www.ryanhartmanhomes.com and click on testimonials.

Get the Consultation You Deserve to Design Your Dallas Dream Home

There are a lot of points to check when considering a custom-built home in Dallas. The most important one throughout the whole process is the first step. By this, we mean hiring a consultant to help you keep your feet on the ground. Throughout our 40 years of experience, we have seen clients pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for plans or drawings of their new home.

The downfall of this process is that most of the time the client tells the architect or designer everything they want in a house. The architect sketches all of the clients’ wishes without considering the budget. After this, the builder takes the plans and starts a process that might take weeks and finally gets back to you with a price that in most cases is above the budget.

Your Home is Your Castle

To avoid this, long, overwhelming, and sometimes disappointing process, we suggest that you find a home consultant.  Custom building a new home in Dallas will get easier if you hire our experts at Ryan Hartman Homes. Our years of experience allow us to see what is best for you and your family. That is why we created the 6 Step Design Consultant Process. This process will still give you the home of your dreams while keeping the budget in mind.

How do we do this you may ask? We make this possible by starting the first two steps with no obligation. We know that you are looking around for the best service, and we don’t want you to feel pressure.

Careful planning is the key to a successful project and outcome. We don’t leave room for error in the design or throughout the process. We don’t want you to get any surprises. That is why we set meetings and interact with you regularly. Our team of professionals is there for you even after the final walk-through. We want to help you custom build a new home, keeping in mind the budget as well as the dreams and designs you have in mind. After all, it is your house.

Get Guaranteed Energy Usage with a Custom Built Ryan Hartman Home

Building an energy efficient custom home isn’t so difficult anymore. We understand that now more than ever, new homeowners are looking to spend a little extra cash to build an energy efficient home, saving money in the long run. If you are planning to build a custom home in the Dallas area, we have the resources and experience to help. Our goal is to work with you throughout the whole building and creative process. We want you to be sure of the quality of work you are getting. That is why we want to give you some reasons that allow us to guarantee an energy efficient home.

  1. Outstanding HERS Ratings

According to the HERS Index website, “The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured”. This system is used to inspect, test, and calculate the home’s energy performance. As shown in the graphic below, the lower the number in the system, the more energy efficient your home. We strive to always be below 55 in the HERS Index rating.

Outstanding HERS Ratings

2. Installing the right equipment

You are creating a unique home. That means the HVAC unit must be the “right size”. This also means that a balanced system with ceiling returns in all major rooms should be set in order to bring your energy bill even lower. Lastly, you need to be covered for those humid summer days. So, an Infinity Programmable Thermostats with dehumidification for moisture control must be set properly to help you bring down the energy bill.

3. High-performance windows

Investing in 366 Vinyl Low-E HP Insulated glass will ensure more protection from heat and cold. You will also see a drastic reduction of solar heat in the summer. Low-E Windows also filters up to 98% of UV rays. Moreover, they also prevent your furniture, drapes, and carpet from fading.

These are just some of the 32 reasons that we have and that allow us to guarantee energy efficient homes when you build with us. A house is a big investment and you deserve to have a safe, healthy, and eco-friendly home. Don’t let your next home be full of holes, call Ryan Hartman and set an appointment to meet with us. (972) 741-5447

Insulated Home

Build the Dallas Custom Home of Your Dreams in 2017

Do you have an idea of what you want your home to look like? Do you have a piece of land in mind with the perfect view? If you live in Dallas and your dream is to design the perfect home that fits your style on the land that you love, then you are a candidate to build a new home with Ryan Hartman. Though this process may sound overwhelming and expensive, one thing is certain. The home of your dreams can be built across a wide range of budgets.

If you have a piece land that you love, have a set floor plan or want to team up with a designer or a builder the Ryan Hartman experts can help you. Having a piece of land that you love is putting yourself one step ahead. But, if you still haven’t found the right place, teaming up with a realtor that focuses on land purchases can be just what you need to find the right spot to build your custom home.

The next step is creating a floor plan. This can be done in several ways, you can pay an architect to transfer your ideas to a blueprint. You can also find more generic ideas online and customize them later. Or reach out to builders such as our expert builders, that offer floor plans of their own or can customize the design to your specifications and lot.

Now, while you design your new home, there are other important checkpoints that you should have on your list.  For example, team up with a builder that can work with you and study the land. Make sure that you are following the regulations for the jurisdiction where your land is located. After all the necessary inspections and requirements are met, you can turn your full attention to the design, the time and money you want to spend. Ryan Hartman takes care of all this leg work for you to ensure that your new custom home meets all guidelines and regulations in addition to your needs.

It is still early in the new year, if you are planning to build your new home in 2017 follow these guidelines and let the Ryan Hartman team help you. Whether you are new to Dallas or not, if you are planning to build a custom home, give us a call. At Ryan Hartman, we help you and work with you throughout the whole process. We want you to have your dream home and avoid the headaches and stress of doing it on your own.

Your New Home Under Construction
Your New Home Under Construction

The Monetary Benefits of Energy Efficient Homes

In this day and age, people are looking to create green homes and energy efficient homes without breaking the bank. When you’re planning to build a new custom home, there are steps you can take to make it energy efficient. If you are a homeowner that wants to know every trick in the book to reduce your home bills, then pay close attention.  The following are some tips that help to create green homes around the United States and hopefully around the world.

  1. Low Flow Fixtures

Purchasing and making a few changes around the house can save you more than a buck or two, aside from conserving water. These fixtures lower the water consumption by 50 percent and save you around $145 each year.

Efficient Faucet

  1. What’s inside the walls matters

Properly insulating your new custom home can go a long way. Insulation maintains your home warm during winter and cold during summer. Using proper insulation can help you save money on your cooling and heating bills and therefore give you a more energy efficient home. The Ryan Hartman team uses high-quality insulation in every custom home to ensure every client has an energy efficient home.

Properly Insulated Walls

  1. Light bulbs

In comparison to regular light bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs last four to ten times longer. Though they do cost more than regular light bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs will save you about $6 every year. Multiply that to all the bulbs around your house.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

  1. Smart Thermostat

Take advantage of the digital era. Budgeting for a smart thermostat is not a bad idea when purchasing a custom-built home. These devices have become very popular, saving you up to $150 annually. Adding you to the list of owners with energy efficient homes.

Smart Thermostat

  1. Good old ceiling fans

Depending on the look that you are going for, ceiling fans can cost about $50 and up. However, they do keep your home at a comfortable temperature, reducing your energy bill by $15 each year.  Another simple way to build an energy efficient home.

Ceiling Fans


Plan 388

Looking for a Custom Home Builder in Dallas?

If you have been looking for a home builder in Dallas, then the well-experienced team at Ryan Hartman has been the custom home builders to rely on since 1973. If you already have land or a lot that is ready to be developed, we can easily work with you, turning your dream home into a reality. When you choose to go with the Ryan Hartman team you can opt for a fully customized home, or if you prefer to see some of our floor plan models and have fewer customized options, we can help you build this was too! What is the Hartman difference, well, we have a strong commitment to excellence and your contentment. Furthermore, we have dedicated ourselves to doing what is right and fair for all of our customers. Continue reading “Looking for a Custom Home Builder in Dallas?”


Looking for a Home Builder in Dallas?

For over 43 years Ryan Hartman has been the custom home builders of choice throughout the Dallas, TX area! We can do it all, or just as much as you need. Anything from a simple consultation, to the complete design, construction, and then the implementation of energy efficient products if you so wish. On top of that, we also offer three different levels of service to better meet your needs in terms of how much you what us to do for you. Continue reading “Looking for a Home Builder in Dallas?”