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Ryan Hartman - New Home Consultant in Dallas

From being in the home building business for 40 plus years, I have seen the need for a new home Consultant. Time after time I have had clients bring me plans of their dream home (that they paid thousands of dollars to have drawn up) only to have their dreams crushed by the price of the home.

The biggest mistake people make is to hire an architect or home designer to design their dream home without a consultant. The client pours their heart out of all the features they want in their home while the designer steadily adds these features to their design without any regard to their budget. They leave this all up to the builder which can take weeks to get a price back only to find out that the home is way over budget.

Ryan Hartman takes a completely different approach to “New Home Designs”. We will do a preliminary hand drawn design “Felt Tip” and provide Estimated Pricing at the initial meeting with no obligation. This allows you to know if your Dream is obtainable or adjustments need to be made without any out of pocket expense.

Let Ryan Hartman Help You Build the Home of Your Dreams

“Some see an empty lot, others see a blank canvas.”

A custom home is like a piece of art. The home, like a painting, is a reflection of the personality and style of the artist or homeowner. Lifestyle, function, performance, technology and design are just some of the colors blended to form your perfect painting.

Ryan Hartman specializes in helping you build a dream home on your canvas or ours. Our team of qualified Home Designers, Interior Designers, Project Coordinators, Construction Supervision personnel and custom home builders in McKinney, Texas will ensure that your dream home becomes a reality.

Extensive pre-planning is paramount to the success of the project, and we leave nothing to chance in the design and materials selection process. Regular interaction and meetings throughout the build process help to ensure that all expectations are met. A final walk-through and orientation complete the build process, but know that Ryan Hartman will be around long after the closing should any other needs arise.

Come see us today to begin your homebuilding journey from blank canvas to masterpiece.

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If you own a lot or are looking for a lot we would like to design your home.

If you have a lot picked out, please come see us. If you need plans or are looking for a lot, we're happy to provide any assistance you desire in site selection and plan design.

We can work "construction management" or fixed price and can help you manage your budget, so you know the bottom line before you start.

We would be happy to take on custom-building projects in any of the surrounding areas of the North Dallas Metroplex. We look at the location of your lot in relation to where we are building to ensure that your job can be properly supervised. Our associate builder will be onsite at all critical stages to ensure that your home meets your and our expectations.

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Any style, Design or Price range!
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6 Step Design Consultant Process

1. Fill out three page questionnaire sheet that will be emailed to you.
2. Need lot size and setbacks or plot plan.
3. Set appointment for meeting at our office.

5. Design Felt Tip Plan
6. Design Felt Tip Elevation
7. Do Estimate Price on Living Sq. Ft. w/Clients

7. Design Deposit of $3,000 required to proceed
8. Revise Felt Tip Floor Plan (2-Preliminary)
9. Revise Felt Tip Elevation (2-Preliminary)
10. Written Estimate Proposal for Clients with Features and Allowance Items

11. Balance of Plan Deposit required to proceed to CAD drawings
12. Revised Felt Tip Plans & Elevations go to CAD Block Outs for your approval of plans

13. Final CAD Plans & Elevations with Revised Cost, Adendums and Allowances.

14. All Plan Deposits are CREDITED towards Down Payment when Contracted with our Associated Builder.