Get the Consultation You Deserve to Design Your Dallas Dream Home

There are a lot of points to check when considering a custom-built home in Dallas. The most important one throughout the whole process is the first step. By this, we mean hiring a consultant to help you keep your feet on the ground. Throughout our 40 years of experience, we have seen clients pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for plans or drawings of their new home.

The downfall of this process is that most of the time the client tells the architect or designer everything they want in a house. The architect sketches all of the clients’ wishes without considering the budget. After this, the builder takes the plans and starts a process that might take weeks and finally gets back to you with a price that in most cases is above the budget.

Your Home is Your Castle

To avoid this, long, overwhelming, and sometimes disappointing process, we suggest that you find a home consultant.  Custom building a new home in Dallas will get easier if you hire our experts at Ryan Hartman Homes. Our years of experience allow us to see what is best for you and your family. That is why we created the 6 Step Design Consultant Process. This process will still give you the home of your dreams while keeping the budget in mind.

How do we do this you may ask? We make this possible by starting the first two steps with no obligation. We know that you are looking around for the best service, and we don’t want you to feel pressure.

Careful planning is the key to a successful project and outcome. We don’t leave room for error in the design or throughout the process. We don’t want you to get any surprises. That is why we set meetings and interact with you regularly. Our team of professionals is there for you even after the final walk-through. We want to help you custom build a new home, keeping in mind the budget as well as the dreams and designs you have in mind. After all, it is your house.

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