Looking for a Custom Home Builder in Dallas?

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If you have been looking for a home builder in Dallas, then the well-experienced team at Ryan Hartman has been the custom home builders to rely on since 1973. If you already have land or a lot that is ready to be developed, we can easily work with you, turning your dream home into a reality. When you choose to go with the Ryan Hartman team you can opt for a fully customized home, or if you prefer to see some of our floor plan models and have fewer customized options, we can help you build this was too! What is the Hartman difference, well, we have a strong commitment to excellence and your contentment. Furthermore, we have dedicated ourselves to doing what is right and fair for all of our customers.

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  • Looking for an energy efficient home to be custom built for you, or maybe you are not sure if you really want to embrace a completely green home? The Hartman team can help you decide which is the better option for you. Consider this, an energy built home can do some of the following: the quality will be far superior to a general home because appliances and systems that are energy efficient will perform better and for a longer period of time. Next, you’ll notice the difference when your heater and air conditioner will be able to provide more uniform or consistent temperatures across every room in your home. It will be healthier because you will be receiving a constant supply of freshly filtered air because you will be minimizing indoor pollutants, dust, pollen, and other allergens. Every month you will notice lower utility bills and maintenance costs. This is just some of the few benefits that you can expect to see, but trust us, an energy smart home is a great decision!
  • Ryan Hartman can build you the luxury home of your dreams! Even if you have a budget for that home, we can work with you. All you have to do is consult with our team and explain your home expectations, how large you want your home to be, what special features you expect that are still within your budget. If you happen to surpass your budget, right in the consultation process, we will help you reach your budget goals before even getting started and help you eliminate features that you can live without.
    Do you wonder how long it will take before you will move into your fantasy home? This will be well discussed in one of our consultations. As a good rule of thumb after the permits have been approved, it can typically can take anywhere from six to twelve months for your new home to be move-in ready. To get started today, you can reach out to the Ryan Hartman team at 972-489-1664.

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