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For over 43 years Ryan Hartman has been the custom home builders of choice throughout the Dallas, TX area! We can do it all, or just as much as you need. Anything from a simple consultation, to the complete design, construction, and then the implementation of energy efficient products if you so wish. On top of that, we also offer three different levels of service to better meet your needs in terms of how much you what us to do for you.Gorgeous Wet Bar


  • Thinking of building your very own dream home and need a luxury home builder? Well, you certainly have a lot of factors to keep in mind. Have you decided if you what your home tucked away in the country, or if you prefer to be much closer into town? Do you know all the features you want to showcase in your brand new custom home? If you really don’t know what you want in terms of a floorplan, then it’s extra important to make sure you and a member of the Ryan Hartman team can work together to come up with something that will be dazzling! It’s easy to go way over budget. Therefore, it’s wise to spend some time researching how much time it will cost to maintain a large, luxurious home. You will also want to consider your security, especially if you are in a more isolated area, you will need to be extra vigilant and get extreme with installing a top of the line security gate complete with a keypad and motion detection system to keep everyone in your home safe and secure.

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  • So you made your mind up and decided you want a custom built home; congratulations on your decision for making the choice to design an exclusive, brand new It will be uniquely tailored to your exact taste and personal choices. The sky is the limit, from implementing green options throughout your home to having as many bedrooms, bathrooms, and space to accommodate family and guests. Plus, you are opening yourself to all the extras, from a special garage to accommodate your exotic car collection, or maybe you wish to build a state-of-the-art movie theater in your new green home. If you can think it, the Ryan Hartman team can design and build it for you!
  • Get started today and achieve your dreams of a making an energy efficient home a reality. Ryan Hartman is the custom home builder in Dallas that will turn your vision into a beautiful home to enjoy for years and years! To request a consultation and discuss all the different options we can offer you, call our team at 972-489-1664.


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