The 6 Cheapest Ways to Build a House

Today, a lack of affordable housing leads homeowners to look for different ways to build their dream homes economically. If that is your situation, too, do not compete in a red-hot housing market. We know it is frustrating to find that one property that perfectly fits your budget and aligns with your vision, but you have many options to leverage and have a budget-friendly home built to your liking. Here are six helpful and simple ways to build your home under a budget:

  1. Be Your Own Builder

You can build your own home in two ways – with or without a contractor. Both ways can save you money, but if budget is a primary concern, keep away from contractors and get onto constructing your house step by step, on your own.


DIY is ideal for those who already have sufficient construction experience and the right resources. If you have skilled laborers, tools and equipment, and access to the needed materials, your DIY project can save you money. The more you DIY, the more you will have to put back in your pocket. But, you must still consider having a specialist in the loop to avoid making costly mistakes, especially if it will be your first-time-ever construction project.

Make a budget that realistically indicates all costs plus has some surplus funds for emergencies. Understand the features you want to see in your dream home and ensure those are all feasible in your budget. Do ample research about the location, building materials, local codes, measurements, and processes. Have a plan in place and if it seems a bit too intimidating, hire a contractor to take over all hassles, certainly at an added cost but reduced hassles. 

  1. Try Tiny Homes

This bite-sized, unorthodox way of living has skyrocketed in popularity due to the sustainability factor. These usually are houses with a 100 to 400 square feet area and ideally the cheapest to construct.

Fitting the essentials takes some custom setting. You can still incur some costs due to the required customizations yet stay under your budget. Also, you will have to check with the concerned authorities in your city as there are regulatory hurdles on building tiny houses. Some municipalities even restrict their construction or use, plus the concept isn’t suitable for all.

However, tiny homes cost significantly less than building a conventional home. In addition, working with the right contractor can help you intelligently use the space. You can also get a pool of information on online portals where tiny house owners and experts share professional advice and floor plans in abundance.

  1. Energy Efficient Homes Are a Rage

Sustainable living is gaining traction pretty quickly and will stay here for longer than you can imagine. For this reason, homeowners are now gravitating towards energy-efficient homes. Building an energy-efficient home not only allows you to do your bit for the environment but saves you thousands of dollars every year, which won’t be possible otherwise. Besides, you also can obtain rebates and tax benefits to further lower your costs.

Utilizing solar energy, thermally efficient windows, and better insulation are some ways to make your home energy efficient. Initial costs on these features may come up as a considerable expense. But view these innovations as a one-time investment, and these will save you money over the years. This way, the price tag would be less intimidating as the features are more of a necessity today.

  1. Skip Expensive Finishes

If you are on a budget, skip having any expensive finishes, at least for now. You can always have those whenever your budget allows in the future. But this is one of the crucial ways to build your home economically. The point is you can install high-end floorings and countertops anytime at a later stage. What you must focus on currently is establishing a stronger foundation and the essentials to stand your house.

  1. Choose Building Materials Wisely

Every building material has a different purpose and varying costs. This is why choosing cost-effective materials can help you keep your construction project affordable. Buying materials at discounted rates is also helpful in keeping you under your means.

You can use reclaimed materials for windows, doors, floors, and décor as these are trendy and save you money. Prefabricated panels made in factories and ready to install on-site also do well to cut down construction costs. Pre-cast concrete again helps you save on your expenses compared to on-site pouring as there is less wastage and relatively lesser construction delays.


Using innovative and recyclable materials is a highly sustainable method to help you save on your build.

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  1. Simplify Design

The easiest and most economical build is a square or rectangular framework with just the necessary customizations – no elaborative bumps or angles. From slabs to roofs, and walls, simplify the design elements of your home, and it will automatically result in savings.

Also, don’t worry about having a box-style home – it won’t look unattractive. You can always plan and make the exteriors look beautiful and eye-pleasing. Simply invest in better landscaping, lighting, shutters, or other decoration aspects that don’t cost you much.

Besides, roofing design can also impact your expenditure. So, the simpler your roofing design, the easier it is to build your home economically.

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