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Building a new home or customizing an existing one is a major task. We’re talking about turning a dream into a reality. It’s one thing to dream of a specific home design, but it’s another to make it happen. No matter how you go about creating your perfect home, it is going to be a process. However, you can simply and shorten that process with the help of a Dallas residential architect.

Ryan Hartman Custom HomesDallas residential architect is an architectural design company that has been in business since 1973. As you’d imagine, we have tons of successful projects to our name and we’ve been able to just about perfect the home creation process over our many years of practice. While we do work on commercial projects, our bread and butter is custom homes.

We’ve become a trusted, popular selection among homeowners because we place an extreme focus on the following aspects of home design and creation:

Communication Process

This is your home, not ours. While we do treat it as if it was our home, we are building it for you, the homeowner. For this reason, we ask clients to be as involved in the creation process as possible. Let us know your specific wants and needs. Tell us how you want your home to be specialized. We exist to turn your dream home into a reality.

Ryan Hartman Custom Homes offers a free, no obligation appointment with homeowners to discuss each and every facet of the home customization process. Topics such as needs, desires, ideas, and budget will be discussed in great detail. We have plenty of floor plans that your can choose from as well. However, if you have a floor plan already in mind, we’ll take a look through it and make it happen!

Emails, phone calls and meetings will take place throughout the design and construction periods. The goal is to always be on the same page with the client. Smooth communication will prevent setbacks and ultimately shorten the amount of time until you are officially moved in.

Start to Finish Service

Again, the specifications are narrowed to a tee before the concrete is even laid. Our design plans come permit-ready. From municipality and construction perspectives, you’ll be good to go from the get go. We can even assist you if you are in need of a construction loan.

As a reliable Dallas residential architect, we will keep a close eye on your budget all throughout the project. If we feel one material is better than another, or if we feel there is a great opportunity for an upgrade, we will run it by you to get the final say. We’ll also have inspections completed along the way to make sure all is up to code.

At the end of the day, we are fully aware that your hired us on to simplify an otherwise complicated objective. Our experts take action in building your dream home, but they are also there to guide you through each decision and to offer up worthy advice. We take great pride in our work and nothing makes us happier than seeing a happy homeowner once his/her new home is complete.

Exterior and Interior

Dallas residential architectExterior and interior design aren’t always a packaged deal with architects. Many of them will only help out with the exterior part and require you to hire a designer to handle the interior. That isn’t a concern with Ryan Hartman Custom Homes. Not only do we help with the interior aspect, but we’re experts in it.

You can visit our website, www.ryanhartmanhomes.com, to check out some of our awesome interior designs. These designs include baths, closets, bedrooms, entryways, fireplaces, kitchens, dining rooms…every potential room you can think of for a home. Of course, we design to customization as well. Hence, the “Custom” part of our company name.

Literally, we don’t ask that you lift a finger while your home is being designed and built. We just ask for your verbal input and we will take care of all the dirty work.

See and experience Ryan Hartman Custom Homes for yourself

Ryan Hartman Custom Homes would love the opportunity to prove to you a trustworthy Dallas residential architect. So give us a call at (972) 489-1664 or email us at info@ryanhartmanhomes.com to set up a meeting. Rely on us to give you your dream home! Please feel free to visit our blog for information and considerations for your future custom home.


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