Investing in a custom-built home is usually one of the majorly misunderstood segments of house hunting. Prospective clients even start with the thought of wanting to get a home built but eventually end up buying one.

It should not come as a surprise that a truly custom built home in North Dallas, TX, has nothing predesigned or preselected. A lot goes into finalizing your dream home. But all these details make the process exciting.


Custom built homes are a new and innovative approach to building your dream home. It allows you to also put in energy-saving measures and other customizations of your choice as opposed to investing in an existing property. The latter option poses the challenges of not finding a suitable property at your set budget, plus you may need to factor in the expenses of any renovations or upgrades.


However, if you are under the pressure of a particular time frame, buying vs. building a home is a safe choice. If there is no constraint to time, creativity, and budget, custom-built may be the right choice.

But to determine if a custom-built home would actually work in favor, here we share some details to help you decide:


One of the initial things to consider is the budget for successfully getting a custom-built home for yourself. For this, you may talk to a qualified custom-home builder who can help you thoroughly plan the expenses for your project and needs. We have seen how so many homeowners get too excited while on the way and run out of finances too quickly. That must not be the case for any home building process. To make your experience smooth, you must be ready to shell around $200 to $500 per square foot for custom and luxury builds – as per the national average. The quotes may, however, vary with different builders.


This is one of the most critical aspects of why people choose custom home building options. You have the freedom to choose a location that suits you best. Factors you may want to consider include a good neighborhood, reduced work-related commute, great school for kids, and so on. It is the location of your home that makes or breaks the entire experience. The site determines both structural and aesthetical parameters of your custom home. Keep things like the lot size, existing utilities, structures to demolish, zoning, soil quality, home value, etc. in mind to determine the precise location.

Also, as Dallas homeowners are increasingly opting for custom-built houses, it is undoubtedly a very competitive market. So, it is best to get a house and land package that would help you save money. This would simplify and streamline the process. Thus if you can take up the challenges of bagging the best package, a custom-built housing option is for you.


You have the flexibility to personalize details to suit your taste. You can bring form with function and build a home that does not break your proverbial bank. You can precisely size your living spaces and actually save a lot by merely sizing down the entire property. You can focus on finding a design scheme that fits your taste without demanding a lot of work, time, and money. In fact, planning every element of the house beforehand requires fewer changes and expenses at a later stage.


Custom build homes are not constructed in a day. It takes time and effort to put everything together. One needs to be highly committed and organized in planning the specifics from start to end and the things in between. Ideally, the process takes anywhere between 7 and 12 months. If you are ready for such commitment and hard work alongside the builder, you must get started with getting your custom home built.


Choosing a competent and reputed custom builder in North Dallas is a significant decision. One that may help identify your needs, determine your goals, produce permit-ready floor plans, and provide written specs must be your choices. If you are in or around North Dallas, the Ryan Hartman team is ready to take on your project. You can get in touch with us anytime, and we will assist you with your necessities. We devote ourselves to constructing custom homes on your lot or land.


The most significant advantage of getting a home built to your specifications is the very aspect of customization. Choosing an existing development might streamline your tasks, but it might limit the degree of choice. Plus, you would have to worry about different systems and permits of that vicinity.

Newer homes are built to meet the updated building codes. These are energy-efficient, you are the first owner of the land, and you have a primary say over all creations. You do not have to worry about repairs or the use of any toxic building materials, plus there is no competition amongst buyers.

Even though the upfront costs may be a little higher, you would quickly recover your investment. There are chances that you may have better profits in resale value since newer homes are more appealing than older constructions. Demanding lesser maintenance is again a big plus for custom-built homes.

Customizations and budget aside, the custom-built home gives you a satisfaction unachievable with buying a home. There is a definite connection with the property, as each of its corners is specifically crafted to your selection. It is your creation; it matches your personality and is created from scratch. If a longer timeframe and somewhat higher costs do not bother you – a custom built home is right for you!


Indeed, these considerations scratch the surface of the thousands of decisions you have to make when building your house, but that is the fun part of the process. While the development might seem laborious, the freedom to choose even the minutest detail makes it a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

So if the above-mentioned points resonate with your plan, and you are ready to design your home from the ground up, we are prepared to build on your land. Whether it is an area of the city or rural land, our experts will help bring your vision to an affordable reality. In the past, we have built exceptional homes at a great value with assured energy saving. This gives us the confidence to take up all projects with ease.

Contact the Ryan Hartman team to request a free onsite evaluation or to ask for a quote. We have been ranked in the top 5% of DFW builders for energy, structure, and quality. If you wish to contract with us, call us at 972-741-5447, and you will not be disappointed





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