Latest design trends for new home builders

Everyone wants to be up with the latest trends in home design. We’re talking durable trends that will have your home in style for years to come, not fads that will come and go in a year’s time. Adopting modern trends will get new home builders off to a nice start!

Here are a few that may catch your liking:

Wood or cork flooring in your kitchen

new home buildersHomeowners often like to make a statement with their kitchen. After all, it is generally the focal point of the house. There are many ways to make your kitchen stand out. One way is through floor design. Natural stone (marble, granite, slate) is the ultimate standout flooring material; however, it is not affordable for every homeowner. Ceramic or porcelain tile blends more so than stands out. Blending can be fine, but many new home builders opt for a less traditional kitchen floor.

The trendy kitchen floors are wood and cork. Each presents a soothing, inviting look that can work alongside practically any kitchen design. Wood can be tainted as a result of moisture, so you will want to either seal your wood floor or rely on a hybrid version, such as engineered hardwood or vinyl plank. Both options should withstand moisture because their composition consists of protected layering.

Cork is extremely durable. You won’t have to worry about cracks or moisture penetration. The material is soft, therefore quiet. It also has an insulation characteristic, making it naturally warm underfoot. You can find cork in many different designs and you should certainly be able to find one that is perfect for your kitchen.

Special focus on the backyard

New home builders seem to have a special focus on outdoor comfort. McKinney, TX is known to have a handful of pleasant months in regard to weather. Throughout those months, people love to lounge on their patio and perhaps host a few guests.

As such, backyard patios have become important design elements. Many include flat screen TVs, “L”-shaped couches, windscreens, fans and various personal design touches. Some backyards even include outdoor kitchens. Not many scenarios can match grilling out in your backyard on 75° fall day with friends and family hanging out and watching TV on your backyard patio. Heck, maybe you even have a swimming pool and a hammock out there. Point being, backyards offer tons of space and creativity. Homeowners have begun to take make the most of them in recent years.

Overall bathroom functionality

Nowadays, bathrooms are all about maximizing space. Cluster is no fun and especially when you are groggy in the morning or dragging at night, you want your bathroom to flow and function effectively.

Walk-in showers have popularized. They are easy to get in and out of; plus, they look really nice. You can add all sorts of features to a walk-in shower. For example, a bench, ledges, handheld shower heads and bars. There is plenty of design flexibility with showers as opposed to bathtubs. In fact, many homeowners have nixed bathtubs altogether. Frameless glass walk-in showers are big right now. They account for appearance and functionality.

Floating vanities have also become common. They create more space for storage or simply breathing room. They are ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Open floor plans

new home buildersThe open floor plan stands strong in today’s home strategy. It opens up a home by creating more space and taking advantage of natural light. You can have your living room, dining room and kitchen all in sight from various perspectives. A stretched-out atmosphere is always good for a new home.

Beyond feel and appearance, open floor plans are perfect for families with young children. It will be easier to keep an eye on your kid(s) while you are cooking in the kitchen or eating a meal in the dining room. Your kid(s) will also have more room to play with toys. We all know how much space can be taken up by the hundreds of toys parents tend to spoil their children with.  

Just a few tips from Ryan Hartman Homes! There is a lot to building a custom home; however, we’re here to guide you through it.  We want new home builders to be up to date with the latest trends so they can incorporate certain ones into their design plan.


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