Unique Features to Consider When Building a Custom Home

It is often an exciting experience for most people when they design a home from scratch. It is time for you and your family to let your creative juices run free, pick all the features that turn a building into your dream home, and go a little over-the-top by adding a few extra details to the property. 

A Dallas custom home builder from Ryan Hartman Homes can help you choose all the aspects you must have in the home, along with the ones that can help you create a harmonious effect. However, let us look at a few features that can take your home to the next level for now. 

Unique features 

Let us start with some unique features that a new home in DFW must have in this day and age. There are a few details that not just make your home more enjoyable but can also help you create a timeless, valuable space for your constantly growing family. 

Intelligent devices and extra outlets 

Smart devices and technology are everywhere, and we tend to rely on them almost all the time. This means that the total number of smart devices you have to plug in and charge increases every day.

If you’ve ever lived in a home that did not have enough outlets, you probably know the struggle of choosing between charging in your phone or laptop. 

However, you can solve this issue effortlessly by implementing all the required outlets and intelligent lighting systems in your home when designing. You can even control your electronics by installing a voice-controlled personal home assistant.  


Sustainable energy 

The need for a renewable and sustainable energy system is ever-increasing, and moving towards a greener lifestyle is one thing that most families have now started to think about.

However, it can be challenging for your old home to convert into a renewable energy system since it already has an outdated one. 

When you build a property from scratch, you get to decide if you wish to add solar panels to the property. This can help you cut down on energy bills while being nature friendly. 

Huge garage 

When designing homes, most people tend to forget about building a spacious garage, mainly because it is often considered a place where you only park your vehicle.  

Nevertheless, realistically speaking, you will end up using a garage as your storage space and workshop for all your DIY projects. This is why planning in advance for such practical areas can help you avoid the struggle of remodeling or enlarging it later. 

Things you should never forget! 

Now let us discuss a few custom home features that most people don’t put much thought into but can help you make a real difference in the long run. 

An outdoor living area 

The uncertainty of times has shown us how critical it is for you to have a home you can fully enjoy. By creating an outdoor area suitable for your entire family and pets, you can have the comfort of a resort 10 feet away from your home!  

The possibilities are endless; however, you need to consider a furnished lounge or dining area, a barbeque, a swimming pool, or a bathtub. 

If you have pets, ensure you add a pet area, along with a lighting and heating system. Doing this can take you a long way if you wish to spend some time with your family and friends in the garden. 

Larger windows and higher ceilings 

Natural ventilation and light are essential in numerous aspects. These two things can help prevent various issues such as mold growth, poor ventilation, mildew formation, and structure rotting.  

It will also improve the air quality and promote healthy living by minimizing the effects of respiratory diseases and allergens. 

When you plan to get more oversized windows and higher ceilings, you can create a beautiful and efficient home design that helps you protect your family’s health in the long run. 

Upgrades that you need when building a home 

Finally, let’s take a look at two extra features that are not must-haves but can help you enjoy your indoor living experience a little more. 

A Home Office 

There are lots of professionals who have now started working from home or are working remotely. When this trend started, all of us made a make-up office in the bedroom or the living area. However, now it is time for you to upgrade to a proper home office instead. 

Proper planning in advance can help you have all the facilities required to welcome your business partners and clients while having enough space to work whenever needed. These are a few features that you need to consider in your home office: 

  • A Wi-Fi extender or router
  • Couches and chairs for your business colleagues and clients
  • Cabinets
  • Mordan speaker and video system for online conferences
  • Multiple outlets
  • Natural light and fresh air

Heated flooring  

If you want to have heated flooring, you need to think about it while the property is still in the construction phase. To properly implement this upgrade, professionals will have to go through a lot of effort for which they need to plan.  

Heated flooring can prove to be extremely useful in high-ceiling homes and rooms. Since heat tends to rise, a heated flooring system can help you heat any room more efficiently and quickly.  

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Moreover, our experts will also help you decide things such as colors and materials to have a better effect throughout the property. 

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