What do you need to know before building a custom home?

If you plan to build your perfect dream home from scratch, our team from Ryan Hartman recommends you take advantage of this opportunity and create a place to accommodate all your needs.

After all, a home is a place for you to bond with those you consider family and entertain guests.

In today’s blog, our team from Ryan Hartman will help you find some fantastic home-building tips that you need to keep in check when planning on building a custom home. 


A custom house needs to be an ideal match for the land you decide to live on. Moreover, your home needs to be environmentally friendly so that it meets all the latest standards while helping you save money on regular maintenance down the road. 

Let us now look at a few tips that can help you get the most out of a custom home building project. 

Ready-made VS an original design 

When you decide on building a custom home, you will have to face many choices, and one vital selection that you need to make is to either go for a ready-made design or an original concept. Be sure to look at the design, construction photos, and how the home looks after completion. 

It would be helpful to consult people who have bought a new house, both from ready-made designs and original designs.

You can also check out numerous online forums and discussion boards for tips, advice, and any information that may help you come to a decision. 

One critical benefit of selecting a predesigned home is the preset solutions for lower costs. If you are hoping to get a custom design, our team from Ryan Hartman can help!

We can do the required research and note all specific requirements in terms of space and the property’s appearance tailored to fit your specifications. 

Keep your unique needs in check. 

It would be best to start by creating a checklist of all the ideas that are a must-have for your new custom home project.

When working with a professional architect, you need to communicate all your ideas clearly and take their feedback. You also need to decide the size of your house depending on the number of people in your household. 

We all want and need our own space, so talk to an expert if you wish to avoid making any expensive mistakes like having an extra room that makes the property more expensive to maintain. 

Keeping the current situation in mind, you can always choose to add an administrative study area for your work-from-home sessions.

It will help you cut your overall business expense and allow you to create a peaceful space that inspires you towards new ideas and strategies that further build your career. 

Similarly, you can add a few guest rooms if your extended family or friends come over for a long weekend. 

Plan your space 

When planning your own space, there are a few basic principles that you need to consider. The dining room and living room need to be located on either the South or southwest side of your home if you wish sunlight to shine bright in these areas.

We suggest you add large windows in these areas of your home to utilize natural lighting as much as possible. Think hard about this since depending on where your home is built, you can save up to 20% of electricity using natural lighting.

Another vital factor that you need to consider is if you wish to divide your home into zones. The day zone is where you spend your daytime hours.

This area often consists of a dining room, kitchen, living room, guest rooms, office, and bathrooms. Design the interior of your home so that these areas are separate from the night zone, which includes master bedrooms, walk-in closets, and adjoining baths.

Family bathrooms, kid’s rooms, and other play areas for your children can also be considered a part of the night zone.

Keep in mind that there needs to be easy communication between the rooms so that all members of your household still feel connected while enjoying their personal space.

Great lighting helps add a sense of warmth to any space

Beautifully illuminated elements of your property can help you bring out the charm and beauty of its architecture, creating an atmosphere that is pleasing to live in.

Lights tend to add a unique ambiance to your garden as well, allowing you to enjoy and admire the beautiful landscape in the evening.

It also plays a critical role in keeping your property safe with lighted garages and driveways. When designing a new home, you will have the choice of adding a few innovative home elements to your property.

New age building management systems can help you optimize your overall energy consumption by controlling the air conditioning, central heating system, heating elements in the floor, blinds, sprinklers, and even your alarm systems.

These technological wonders allow homeowners to manage their entire home remotely and gives a sense of added security even when you aren’t home. Even though this technology may require some initial investment, you can be sure that it will pay off in the long run.

If you are planning to build a custom home, you need to remember that this is an opportunity to create a space that is ideally suited to fit your and your family’s needs and wants.

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