What does build on your lot mean?

The two most crucial factors that you should consider while buying your new home are its location and home design. It can be not easy to find a resale home in the neighborhood you’ve always wanted that has specific design features you love, especially within your budget.

Rather than searching for months to find a home in the North Texas area with all your “must-have” features and renovations, you can always go for another option: Build on Your Lot. When you choose to Build on Your Lot, you hand-select your home’s location and design.


What do you mean by “Build on Your Lot?”

Build on Your Lot is when a home builder will build one of their designed homes on your land. You won’t have to compromise on your preferences and dream location.

You don’t even necessarily have to own the land in order to build your dream project. Our professionals from Ryan Hartman homes say that more than half of our clients do not own the land.

In these cases, the builders like us work together with trusted realtors to find the perfect piece of land for you to purchase.

After that, you have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of different floor plans designed by architects to create your perfect home layout.

The Build on Your Lot process is straightforward and designed to help home buyers build a home that fits their budget and lifestyle.

The Benefits of Building on Your Lot

Depending on what is crucial to you during your ideal home search, you may eventually find out that a Build on Your Lot home is, in fact, the best option that suits your priorities and lifestyle.

Thanks to the wide variety of home designs and affordable options in the market, there are many benefits that come along by choosing to build on your own lot.


There is a reason why location is every real estate agent’s mantra. It is the most crucial thing that you should consider when moving into a new house in  McKinney.

You can change the floors, paint color, and even the size of your home, but you can never change the neighborhood it’s located in.

When you go with a Build on Your Lot scheme, you can prioritize your dream location first. When you choose your area, you will not be stuck compromising in your favorite neighborhood, so you can find a house with four bedrooms or an open floor plan that your family needs.

Modern Design

If you are already looking at existing homes, you are probably tired of checking out houses with low ceilings and boxy floor plans.

Luckily for you, Ryan Hartman homes feature modern floor plans that are energy-efficient and designed specifically to fit your needs.

Instead of seeing the cost for each remodeling project that a home needs, walking through a Build on Your Lot home, you will find a bright and welcoming design.

After moving in, you can spend your weekend enjoying time with your family members in the backyard and entertaining your friends instead of tearing out an old floral wallpaper and shag carpet.

Make it your own

In a Build on Your Lot home, you can have the added option to choose finishes that compliment your day-to-day lifestyle. You will also have the flexibility and freedom to choose a model that fits all your “must-haves.”

You will not have to endure any expensive or unpredictable renovations after searching for your home for months just to get what you want. Instead of living according to somebody else’s tastes, you can choose to make your house your own with Build on Your Lot.

Lower maintenance cost

As a homeowner, dealing with frozen pipes during the winter, a broken air conditioner on a hot day, or finding mold in your basement is both stressful and expensive.

Many North Texas homeowners who purchase existing homes often find themselves dealing with the cost of faulty plumbing, an old and damaged roof, or electrical systems because they are out of date or weren’t appropriately maintained by the previous owner.

Build on Your Lot homes are comparatively less expensive to maintain since they are brand new. With modern heating, plumbing, and air conditioning, you will have no more headaches or unexpected expenses to deal with.

Energy efficiency

Both you and your wallet will love the modern construction and advanced technologies used in your Build on Your Lot home.

These homes are built using the latest construction materials and advanced building practices, which makes sure that the homeowner will have a lower monthly utility bill.

Getting your insulated walls installed can make heating and cooling more efficiently. Not only is this better for you to save money, but it also helps the planet.

With a Build on Your Lot home, you can get your dream home at the perfect location. To learn more about other benefits of Build on Your Lot, get in touch with Ryan Hartman homes today.

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These are a few of the benefits amongst several others that come from a BOYL home. If you feel like it’s time for you to stop searching and start building your dream house, get in touch with Ryan Hartman Custom Homes in Dallas, TX, today.

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