Custom Home Builder FAQ's

Can we bring our own blue print or do you only build from your own plans?

You may bring us plans. However, we will charge you a fee to estimate the home. Once you sign a contract to build, we will credit that fee towards your earnest money deposited. All money paid to Ryan Hartman are Credit towards the Earnest Deposit upon signing of the Contract. IE: Felt Tip Deposits, Plan Deposit, Soils Test, Etc.

Why do you require a Fee when other Builders do not?

Two main reasons, to show your sincere interest in securing an iron clad price for your new home instead of just shopping around. And, second it takes a lot of time to pre-pair an accurate bid and to do take offs of all the items involved in a bid.

What features do you routinely include in your homes that distinguishes you from other custom builders?

What really distinguishes us from other builders would be our “ Energy Smart Package” with exterior pony walls for R-44 attic insulation, advanced framing techniques, hurricane rafter clips, foam headers, green built north texas, etc., as for standard features we include 1 ¾” solid core doors downstairs ( 4-choices ), same size base & trim thru out home ( choices of 4 profiles of door casing ), granite countertops ( 16 Std. colors ) in all baths with undermount sinks, stained or painted custom cabinets with full extension drawer guides, choices of 3 styles of kitchen undermount sinks, choice of 3-faucets finishes, etc.

What are the energy features you are offering?

We are ranked in the Top 1% of Department of Energy Builders in the United States for our Signature Series Energy Smart homes. Our standard “Energy Smart Package” exceeds Energy Star 3.0 requirements with 45-55 HERS rating according to the size of the home. We also have many options to upgrade the Energy Smart Package based on the length of time you think you will live in the home. The payback of savings takes longer for some feature than others so we will guide you in the right direction based on the amount of money you want to budget for Energy Features vs their rate of payback. Feel free to contact us for a detailed list of the standard features or make an appointment to discuss the options and details.

How far would our budget get us? Meaning, from the things on our wish list for the house that we would want to build.

We will give you complete specifications of all the standard items included in the price of the home along with a complete itemized price list of each item on your wish list, putting the ball in your court to decide how important to you each item on the list is to you. You have the option to add or delete from this itemized list adjusting the price up or down.

Do you work with a design center, or can we choose our own tiles etc?

Yes, we have 2 options on this. You can work with our design center for all of your selections, or you may work directly with us with certain selection centers. You cannot however, make your selections from multiple stores. It would impossible and cost prohibitive to gather and keep track of.

What costs might come our way that we might not anticipate now.

1. Site work to prepare the lot to build on. For example, tree removal, retaining walls, etc. We will be glad to meet you on site for a lot evaluation free of charge to predetermine if any additional cost will be involved.

2. Foundation cost, we will have a soils test done so a licensed Engineer can determine the level of foundation work that needs to be done to build a structurally sound home. Size of Beams, Piers, Slab-Tek, etc. These estimated items will be budgeted prior to signing a contract but can change according to a Soils Test and Engineer Design.

3. Interior Design items such as counter tops, tile, appliances, etc. can fluctuate substantially based on your taste and selections. We have “standards” budgeted in the contract with allowance money slated for certain selections. For example, should you choose exotic granite over a “standard selection granite”, it would be an Up-Grade in price?

Will you work together with our lender?

Yes. Please have them contact us with their builder application to determine our compatibility. We have worked with many different lenders in the past. We also can refer you to a lender that is knowledgeable with construction loans and 1 time closes.

At what point in the whole process would we have to be approved?

Having a pre-approval is always helpful and also allows us to guide you in the correct direction to obtain the budget you need to be in. However, it is not necessary to have a pre-approval prior to starting the process. If you have any doubts about your qualifications or the budget you would need to stay in, you should be pre-approved prior to paying to have plans drawn up.

What part of the Metroplex do you build in?

The North Dallas metroplex. Dallas, Cross Roads Area, Fairview, Lucas, Frisco, McKinney, Prosper, Celina, Gunter, Wylie, Rowlett, Etc.

can you customize a floor plan for us or do we have to choose from one of your plans?

Yes, we have many concept plans to choose from that can be modified or you may have us design a custom “one of a kind” plan specifically for you. Please make an appointment for a no obligation preliminary design session.

How long has your company been in business?

Ryan Hartman has been in business since 1999. The owner of Ryan Hartman has been building custom homes for 43 plus years and has completed over 1000 homes at all diffident price ranges.

How long does it take from beginning to a completed home?

Typically it will take approx. 90 days to go through the initial design process to permits. Most construction times are approx. 6-12 months according to the size of the project, how many special or custom features and the location.


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