10 Questions to Ask Your Home Builder

Ask Your Builder these 10 Questions Before You Get Started

What should you ask.
Questions for your builder

Building a home is a dream come true for many people. Before building a house there are a few things you should ask your builder out of the gate. The right questions for your home builder will help get the home building process off on the right foot.

1. How Many Homes Have You Built Before?/ How long have you been building homes?

This is an important question. An experienced home builder will have many previous models they can show the potential buyer. Look for a builder with at least three to five years of experience. Ryan Hartman has been in business since 1999. The owner of Ryan Hartman has been building custom homes for 43 plus years and has completed over 1000 homes at all diffident price ranges.

2. Do You Offer Land Lots?

A builder may offer home vacant lots for your home. They may also come to your own previously purchased lot and build there. It helps to know your lot options before you begin.

3. When Will You Begin?

Some builders are booked months in advance. You may have to wait for a few months before the builder will be ready to begin. Waiting a few months for the right builder can be worth it if you love their work.

4. How Long Will It Take to Build?

Creating a home from scratch takes time. At a minimum, you can expect it to take at least several months. Allow at least another month or two for it to be fully finished.

5. A Basic Estimate?

You’ll want to know the basic costs before you begin. A good builder can give you an estimate of costs. Keep in mind this is only an estimate and will be ballpark pricing.

6. May I Change the Floorplan?

While many builders offer at least two or three home plans, you might want to make changes on your own. If you want to make changes first ask about how you can do it. You may have to hire an architect or work with someone on staff. Make sure you approve all changes in advance.

7. Are there Any Additional Fees?

You should expect to pay some extra fees for certain requests such as changing a home plan or upgraded appliances. Obviously, if you add additional bathrooms or upgrade the flooring the cost might be more than what you were quoted originally.

8. Are Permits Required?

Make sure that you have the permits in advance. A builder should be able to help you arrange the permits in advance before you start. Contact your local county office to make sure you are compliant.

9. What if Issues Arise? or What Issues have they experienced?

A good builder will have backup plans if something does not go as planned. Example; if there is a heavy rain that could delay the home building process. A good builder will also help you if something goes wrong on site, such as the walls are slightly misaligned.

10. Is Landscaping Included?

Landscaping is a big part of any home. Some builders include basic landscaping in the price of the home. Others may charge the buyer for any landscaping they want to use. It’s good to know this in advance before you begin.

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