Five questions to ask a builder before building a custom home

Building a custom home is a major commitment. So much falls on the homeowner/buyer in the home building process. Location, family, home design, and stress are factors to account for. Though, the finishing product is reliant on a trusted home builder. Many questions need to be asked to yourself before committing, but there are also many questions to ask potential home builders before deciding on one to construct your dream home.

How many years have you been building? How many homes have you built?

Questions to ask your custom home builderNothing speaks greater volumes than experience and a proven track record. Obviously, the more years of experience, the more likely it is that a builder knows what they’re doing. It is not a guarantee, but it’s a factor that weighs in both the builder’s and the buyer’s favor.

As a follow-up question, ask for the specific number of homes the builder has built. A high total will give you even more comfort.

Are you licensed and insured?

Verifying that a builder is licensed and insured is key before building a custom home. It will result in a quick answer and quick proof. Builders earn licenses by proving their skills and knowledge. A license is an encouraging sign in hiring a trusted builder.

Insurance may be even more important. Both workers compensation and general liability insurance are musts for a hired builder. Workers compensation protects you from liability towards suffered injuries to a builder while on the job; general liability protects your future home in the event that something goes wrong.

Do you have references or previous projects that I can tour?

There is no better way to validate a builder’s work than to review it in person, or at least get someone’s objective perspective on a builder’s work. You should be able to get a couple of contacts from previous customers. You can ask questions about the builder’s customer service, building habits, time expectations, and quality of work.

If you are able to tour a completed home project, then you can take note of specific designs and patterns. A completed project will give you a great idea what you can expect for your home and what the contractor is capable of. It is also helpful to check for builder online reviews before building a custom home.

Do I have to select one of your specific home plans or can I provide my own plans?

At the end of the day, it’s your custom home. You need a guarantee that your vision can be executed as precisely as possible. Ideally, your builder will accept your input on a project and allow you to contribute your plans. It’s unlikely the builder can construct the home to your specifications square foot to square foot; however, you want a builder that can come close.  

How long will it take until my home is complete?

For the sake of planning out your life, it would be nice to have a surefire answer to this question. This helps with planning and packing. Plus, you will know when it’s time to enroll your kids in school if you are moving school districts or when you can start your new job if you’re moving to an entirely different area. Referring to the project itself, you will be enlightened to delays if the builder suddenly changes the expected date of completion.

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