Tips for new home builders Dallas, TX

Building a new home is exciting, anxious and stressful all at the same time. Though, the emotional roller coaster and overall process should be well worth it once complete. After all, the end goal is to have your dream home! However, before completion, make sure you have the time commitment for the construction of a home and make sure you consider the following seven tips for new home builders:

Take the time to hire the right builder

new home buildersYou will be placing a ton of trust and reliance on the contractor chosen to build your new home. Therefore, it is imperative you make a good selection. You can search the web for trustworthy builders, whether by direct business site or review sites. Ask your family, friends, or future neighbors for suggestions on builders as well. Once you narrow your search down to a few contractors, compose a detailed, lengthy list of questions to ask each contractor— “The Interview Process”

In addition, keep in mind the fact that you will be working alongside your contactor for months. You want to be impressed with the contractor’s knowledge and overall offer, but you also want to hire someone you know you will get along with. Communication is so important throughout the construction of a home. A contactor that is relatable, understanding and selfless would be ideal for the big life decision that you are making.

Budget, budget, budget

Obviously, it’s important for new home builders to budget. It’s important to budget for just about everything, but especially for a home being built from scratch. There are so many costs that go into building a new home. Try your best not go get overwhelmed; the builder can be relied on to explain all up-front costs to help simplify things.

Plus, contractors should include most of the primary expenses in the base cost of the home—expenses pertaining to structure and plumbing, for example. Interior upgrades, on the other hand, likely will not be included as they are more so based on personal preference. Experts recommend budgeting 12-15% of the base cost for interior design.

Think present and future

I would assume you plan on being in your customized Dallas, TX home for more than just a few years. For this reason, think well into the future for your sake and your home’s sake. If you plan on having kids, make sure you have a spare bedroom or two. Or, maybe you have grown children that may be heading out on their own over the next handful of years. Such a situation may call for a smaller home or maybe a home designed more for leisure.

It’s important for new home builders to consider certain external factors before even determining a lot to build a new home. For instance, the school district which your home will be zoned for or the proximity your home will be to your place of work. In all, you need to consider the biggest picture possible to ensure all of your bases are covered.

Review the floor plan to a T

Once you have contracts, financing, and location ironed out, it’s time to review and finalize the floor plan. Try your best to visualize the layout of each room. Take into account current furniture inventory along with future inventory. Consider matters such as lighting (both natural and fixture-based) and spacing. With spacing, think about the functionality of your home. For example, is the garage attached to the kitchen and is the kitchen near the entrance of the home (for grocery and visitor purposes)? Also, is the laundry room in a central location?

Consider guest rooms if you have frequent overnight visitors or if your children often come back in town to visit.

Do you need a designer?

new home buildersMany new home builders resist the need of a designer for two reasons: 1) Home builders are already paying enough for the new home or 2) home builders feel they have the design perfectly in mind and do not need the help of a designer.

If you can successfully design the interior of your Dallas, TX home, more power to you! Just understand that there is more to it than you think. Home design isn’t just a dream or a vision, it’s the actual application of the design into a specific space. A designer designs homes for a living. Therefore, he or she will consider everything, even the things that you do not.

Hiring a designer is up to you and your budget, but just understand that a designer will help save time and money by preventing mistakes. Overall, it’s a team effort. All involved parties in the home building/designing process are there to make your dream a reality (it sounds corny, but it’s true!).

Ultimately, trust your instincts

At the end of the day, it’s your home! It’s yours and your family’s living space for the next many years; thus, make it all that you want it to be. You’ll get plenty of help and advice along the way, but you are the final decision maker. Think about what will make you happy because you will be the one living in your new home.

Have fun with it!

Building a new home is an exciting experience! Be positive about it and carry out that positivity with everyone that is helping you make it happen. If everyone is happy and determined to reach a specific result, the process will go quicker and the experience will be that much better.

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